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Progress and results IV

Progress and Results IV

The Train the trainer course in CopenhagenAt the Train the trainer course the teachers of the participating partners have been prepared to execute the Lean manufacturing training in the participating companies. During the last conference in Barcelona, the training is discussed. Additions and changes were listed by the other participants. These were processed by the Danish partners. At the training the final adjustments are explained. Now the appropriate training will be translated into 5 languages. The training material includes a teachers manual, student learning material, lean games and powerpoint presentations. The main objectives of the Lean project is the development of new courses and learning materials for Lean Management The course in the company will be tailored to the needs of management and workers within print media-sector and arts students on these items. At the training in November in Copenhagen the participants had decided to make a box with a basic set of tools needed in the taining. In january/February 2013 the training will be tested in two print media companies in each participating country. Extra leaning material was discussed about "selling the change" during the implementation of Lean within the companies after the training. The new learningmaterial: "Dynamic judgment" is added to the learing package.At the course the teachers could practice the games used in the training. To create support opportunities a Lean Forum, especially made for the teachers, is created on the web in LinkedIn.

The Train the trainer course, at the 26th of November, in Copenhagen.

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