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Progress and results II

Progress and results II

Lean manufacturing and marketing

In the meeting in Odense the project reached first goals! The second conference of the Lean Manufacturing and Marketing for Graphic Media-project was organized on the 10th and 11th of May at the GA-office in Odense, Danmark. The main goalsThe main goals of the Lean-project is to develop new training and learning materials for Lean Management and Lean Marketing. The training will be tailored to the needs of students in the Printmedia schools and employees of printing companies on these fields. The goals of this conference was to determine the starting situation, the aims and goals of the training and learning materials etc., the KPI’s relevant to Lean manufacturing in the Graphic media company and the conditions of the training modules.At the end of day two we had managed to reach these goals. The participating organisations decided to develop 4 modules: Information module about lean, Lean workshop focussed on basis concepts, Lean course, to implement Lean manufacturing in a companyLean coördinator course.ResearchAlso there were presentations of the research done in the companies of the participating countries, the GAP-analysis and the KPI's relevant for Lean in a Graphic media company. We succeded to reach all planned goals of this conference.The next conference (3) is in Barcelona, Spain, 4 & 5 October 2012.

LEAN manufacturing and marketing for graphic media

LEAN manufacturing and marketing for graphic media, postbox 220, 1180AE Amstelveen, The Netherlands. Tel: 0031 20 5435688

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