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Lean manufacturing in Danmark

Introduction to LEAN and activities tailored to the Danish graphic industry

In corporation, CUBION and GA have developed a LEAN concept, which is tailored for the graphic industry. The concept is developed and tested starting from a number of development courses in ten graphic companies. Joint main objectives for these development courses have been:•To give the companies dynamic and innovative knowledge and tools in preparation for trimming and developing the company’s value streams through focus on organization, efficiency, and development of competences.•Through action learning assignments to establish new co-operation forms between manager and key employees regarding efficiency and organization.Starting from an evaluation of the completed development courses in the ten graphic companies a tai-lored concept of LEAN activities was composed, which supports the arranged main objectives.The concept consists of the following activities: Preparation and discussion of Lean Assessment This is a dialogue based self-evaluating management tool. The purpose with implementation of Lean Assessment is to give an idea of where the company has challenges on a number of key areas, and where Lean methods can be used. Lean Assessment is basis for priority of performance areas concerning the company’s competitive situation, including determining relevant intern objectives (KPI’s). The participants in Lean Assessment are the management and key employees. 5S 5S workshops are a very efficient tool for optimizing and organizing the workplace.VSM (Value Stream Mapping) This is one of the core tools in the LEAN tool box, and its purpose is to cover, which processes are adding value, and which are not. Board-meetingsBoard-meetings are one of the central tools regarding continuous elimination of waste. Arrangement and evaluation of intern objectives (KPI’s) Objectives for KPI’s are defined and arranged based on the results, which appeared in the above workshops, which the company continuously evaluates. The participating companies have obtained skills within the five main principles in LEAN, which is: 1. To identify customer value2. To create value streams3. To create flow without stop4. To introduce new managing principles5. To make Kaizen every day The results of the completed LEAN development courses in the Danish graphic companies show that the single company achieved a striking simplification of their process flow, up to a doubling of the ex-ploitation of resources, pronounced reduction of waste and errors, and a large reduction in run through and delivery time.

LEAN manufacturing and marketing for graphic media

LEAN manufacturing and marketing for graphic media, postbox 220, 1180AE Amstelveen, The Netherlands. Tel: 0031 20 5435688

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