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Information Graphic Media

Information Graphic Media

What is a Printmedia company? Printmediacompanies are focussed on prepress- and premediaprocesses, printing, finnishing-processing companies, newspaper companies, publishers and multimedia offices. Al the companies focus on the creating of communication products for a customer. Because the world excists through communication and printed paper is very important as a communicationtool! What do these companies produce? Newspapers, illustrated magazines, folders, flyers, books, dvd-packages, T-shirts with printing on it, publicity on cars and busses, billboards, posters, cards, stickers, plastic bags, coffie-cups, mousepads. But also sending the illustrated magazine or enclosing all kinds of other matter at for example a folder. Everything that is printed or are made in or an other way by the Printmedia. But there is more. Also audiovisual products as dvd' s, cd-rom' s, Internet sites and games or games on Facebook or another Internet site are things which a Printmedia company can produce!

LEAN manufacturing and marketing for graphic media

LEAN manufacturing and marketing for graphic media, postbox 220, 1180AE Amstelveen, The Netherlands. Tel: 0031 20 5435688

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