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Learning Materials

Why this project?The graphic media market is a turbulent market with developments that require a different attitude of management and staff: other knowledge, skills, attitudes. The market demands more quick and effective production and better respond to their demand.The labor market of employees or students coming from VET institutions does not reflect to the demand. This also applies to part-time training opportunities in VET. In the area of effective production there are Lean programs. These are rather academic in nature and not attuned to the needs of graphic media SME's (95% 1-19 employees) and the level of competence of employees. Because the supply on the labor market does not reflect the company needs and the training opportunities are very limited, key business processes cannot be improved sufficiently, and thus companies cannot meet and with the necessary developments. This is partly explained by the financial performance of graphic media SMEs and the number of bankruptcies.Intergraf has performed an EU-wide research. One of the key points from the research in relation to the project is:New future methods require different skills; 57% of the graphic media companies in this study suggest that retraining workers is an implication of the new directions to be chosen to remain connected to the changing market, in which the companies as envisaged in the short term strategy more than half (53%) choose to fill the capacity with work at marginal cost, 56% invests in better customer management and new market opportunities. Research from the University of Twente has also shown that competencies in the field of competitiveness are scarce in the industry.In short: the existing labor supply and training activities for staff and management of SMEs is inadequate to help their businesses in meeting the necessary and indicated changes in the future. This makes it difficult to maintain a competitive position in the communications market which is also a threat to the employment of workers. As a solution, from the VET Institutions a better connection should be created between the needs of (potential) employees and the competencies as required by the graphic media SMEs.

Welcome on the website of the Lean Manufacturing and -Marketing for Graphic Media Leonardo-project!

In this Lean-project we will develop a Lean Manufacturing course and Lean Marketing training. The companies can paricipate and learn and implement the knowledge and skills to improve there performance and get more competitive.

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LEAN manufacturing and marketing for graphic media

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