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The Project Coördinator Stivako is a well known VET-institute in the industry, producing practically graphic media-oriented and economically attractive education, training and workshops, developing learning materials for the use in fulltime VET-institutions in the sector. Stivako has many years of experience in interdisciplinary and international projects.The Graphic Association Denmark (GA) is a trade and employers’ association. Its goal is to strengthen the prof-itability and freedom of action of GA’s business members.GA monitors the developments in market conditions, legislation, technology, environment, etc. This knowledge is communicated to the members via GA’s magazine, newsletters, website, courses, and member meetings.GA looks after the interests of the members through negotiation and interpretation of collective agreements, questions relating to employment law, advises on quality, coördinatorwcoördinatorcoördinatororking environment and educational matters.Cubion A/S is a consultant company, working within the private and public sector in Denmark. The mission is: We assist our clients develop the knowledge, the leadership and the organization that will lead them to succeed in the future. Cubion is working close together with a large variety of companies within the graphic sector. The work is normal consultancy, operating of network together with the Graphic Association of Denmark, represented in the committee of external examiners, the Danish Media and Journalist College. Also working as board member in Danish graphic companies.Fundació Industries Gràfiques de Catalunya, the school has an amount of 2500-3000 students per year, focused on the print media industry. The primer objective of the foundation is to serve the graphic media companies with know-how and specific knowledge and education. The most important service areas are related to Vocational and Education Training: Prepress, Press and Production, efficiency programs services, innovation services, software services, and specific in Company formation.In relation with this program, the organization has specialized area of formation (specifically in related content by Graphic Arts sector like prepress, design, press, graphic management, etc.) and some technical projects, including the introduction of Lean Manufacturing to the companies.The HELLENIC OPEN UNIVERSITY - EAP is the 19th Greek State University but the only one that provides distance education in both undergraduate and postgraduate levels via the development and utilization of appropriate learning material and methods of teaching. Promoting scientific research as well as developing technology and methodology in distance learning fall within the scope of HOU’s objectives.In the School of Applied Arts it is operating the Postgraduate course of Graphic Arts and Mulltimedia (MA), This Course is offered to holders of undergraduate Degrees in related fields such as graphic design, media studies, computer studies and other related disciplines. A Master’s Degree is awarded upon successful completion of all 4 modules of the Course and after successful evaluation of a submitted dissertation, in compliance with the General Regulations for Submission of Dissertations.Innowise is a research & consultancy company with special expertise in innovation management, knowledge & technology transfer. Customers from industry are mainly SMEs of the ICT-/Media and digital economy and the food industry. Previous project experiences are focussed on knowledge & competence management for the development of innovative products and services, in technology transfer activities on the national and international level as well as in incubating and implementing collaborative R&D projects between science and industry. innowise has around 10 employees with an interdisciplinary background.The Dienstencentrum is a full service research and consultancy firm for graphic media companies in the following five areas: techniques and production (among other things energy, environment), marketing, personnel, finance and management. In the field of education exists a full cooperation with the Project Coordinator Stivako. .

LEAN manufacturing and marketing for graphic media

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